Pilosus nuces orbis curated by Carolyn Mason at the Torrance Art Museum

Tony Brown, Gioj de Marco, Carolyn Mason, Andre Yi

Torrance Art Museum
Opening Reception
January 22, 6-9pm


Curatorial Statement

The theme for this exhibition arose from my fascination with how fungi communicate and collaborate underground with tree roots, creating mutually beneficial, nutrient-sharing relationships. Their propensity for exploration and communication as they weave intricate and expansive rhizome-like patterns of underground connection called mycelium can offer artists – and all humans – a map as we create, connect and form community.

For this exhibition, we approached our work with the intention of embodying the nature of mycelium. We generated ideas, collaborated, shared materials, and found inspiration through each other’s projects.

The fluid, non-linear, and mutually supportive connections among our works mirror the underground patterns of fungal filaments. Ultimately, we decided to name the exhibition after an orange mushroom with a particularly colorful common name: “Hairy Nuts Disco,” which when translated into Latin becomes Pilosus nuces orbis.

Carolyn Mason