Los Angeles Painting: Formalism to Street Art

Bruno David and Los Angeles-based curator Andi Campognone are pleased to announce a group exhibition Los Angeles Painting: Formalism to Street Art. The exhibition, at the Clayton location, will include 21 Los Angeles-based artists. All the artists in this exhibition, react to their surrounding with their medium. From a formal use of geometry, to the experiential use of color, to figurative works, they all tell the story of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has a range of landscapes. As such it provides roots, and inspiration from the rich history of modern American landscape painting to the innovative use of new materials and the inception of light and space genre. This geographic benefit combined with LA’s unique climate, affordable studio space and access to unusual materials, has enabled artists to work out ideas experimentally. As a result, the city has become known for fostering reinvention that progresses the established American art.

Los Angeles has its own history – celebrating diversity between self-taught and academy educated artists. It boasts more equitable recognition when considering gender and ethnicity. LA Painting: Formalism to Street Art will sample works from across these divisions. This show presents a range of experience of color, light and line. Many of the artists have evolved preexisting thoughts to form a second generation of ideas -telling a 21st century story of Los Angeles through paint.

Jimi Gleason, Justin Bower, Shiva Aliabadi, Rebecca Campbell, Samantha Fields, Ben Brough, Chris Trueman, Kelly Berg, Andy Moses, David Lloyd, Stevie Love, Andre Yi, Constance Mallinson, Dion Johnson, David Flores, Ruth Pastine, Amir Fallah, Victor Hugo Zayas, Anne Elizabeth Sobieski, Andrew Schoultz, Mark Dean Veca.

Online Catalog here: https://issuu.com/brunodavidgallery/docs/la-artists_catalog_2017_v1_issuu_br

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